Kingdom Calling Band


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The "Kingdom Calling" CD is available NOW! For your convenience you can download songs through iTunes, DiGSTATION or purchase the physical CD through CDBABY!

Song Title
Lead Sheets
Garment Of Praise
We Want More Of You
Our Father
The Church Shouts Amen
Your Love Is Good
Humble Me
Kingdom Calling
Holy Spirit Break In
Drawn By You

These songs bring rainbows to tears and freedom from fear. This is a collection 10 very unique songs in many styles. The beat, the lyrics and the colors of sound inspire your heart to dance, your hands to raise, your body to groove and your soul to move.

The song "Our Father" gives a whole new vibe to the Lords prayer. The new "Kingdom Calling" has lyrics that replace lies with truth. We want You is an anthem for the decade. More than just blessing! More than just power, More of You LORD... YES!

What People Are Saying . . .
I love everything about this album, the songs, production, arrangements and mix. It's not just a "great Christian album", it's a great album period. The music reflects conviction. Kingdom Calling is music born of true conviction and that's why it has the impact that it does.
Dave Polich... sound designer Michael Jackson "This Is It Tour"

Committed Heart's Kingdom Calling is a remarkable artistic work. Rarely have I heard a collection of songs so diverse in style, with each one achieving a level of quality and commercial appeal that is truly world class. The musicians, from Larry Dent's exceptionally musical drumming, Bob Furgo's Celtic flavored violin, to Mark Linford's powerful guitar textures are top notch. The vocalists, from Jo Jo Leone, Greg Chastain, Abie Perkins, Cheriss Bayard and Jeri Lynne are perfectly matched to each song. This album is not only a great resource for any contemporary worship team, it is just great music to personally enjoy.
Brett Wilcox... former drummer for David "It's a Beautiful Day" LaFlamme.

"Church Shouts Amen"
I love the violin, it gives a modern Celtic flavor. Vocals are inspiring. This has an excellent radio mix balance, sounds wonderful at any volume. This song will go great in any worship service.

"We Want More Of You"
The vocals are soaring! Let the glory shower our hearts with love!

"Holy Spirit Break In"
The arrangement is tasteful and full of delicious nibbles for the ear. Beautiful lyrics. Inspires warmth and peace, Frodo

"Holy Spirit Break In" is a beautiful prayer of peaceful worship.

"Kingdom Calling CD"
I love the words. It's easy to sing. God is blessing this music. I pray it reaches everyone who is searching for God's love.

View a short clip of the song "Our Father" being played in a Sunday worship service!