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This CD contains downloads for 10 original songs produced by Greg Chastain Includes, audio and written music charts as a resource for your services. more

What others say...
"I love everything about this album, the songs, production, arrangements and mix. it's a great album period. Kingdom Calling is music born of true conviction and that's why it has such a powerful impact."
Dave Polich... sound designer Michael Jackson, David Foster, Sergio Mendez, as well as sound designer for Yamaha, Korg, Roland, and Dave Smith Instruments.

"Committed Heart's Kingdom Calling is a remarkable artistic work. Rarely have I heard a collection of songs so diverse in style, with each one achieving a level of quality and commercial appeal that is truly world class. The musicians, from Larry Dent's exceptionally musical drumming, Bob Furgo's Celtic flavored violin, to Mark Linford's powerful guitar textures are top notch. The vocalists, from Jo Jo Leone, Greg Chastain, Abie Perkins, Cheriss Bayard and Jeri Lynne are perfectly matched to each song. This album is great music to personally enjoy.
Brett Wilcox... former drummer for David "It's a Beautiful Day" LaFlamme


The R4L mission is to raise the knowledge and awareness of the dangers of prescription drugs. We actively change laws that promote protection and survival for youth.

We community organize to stop the people and systems that target, promote, and profit from the high risk behavior of youth culture. We invite you to join us in this effort. more

Our goal to establish post de-tox guest houses with a unique approach to restoration of the body, mind, soul and spirit. R4L is designed specifically for ages 18 to 25. Our objective is to provide the essential help for permanent recovery of youth caught in addiction and at risk life style cycle as well as helping parents, families and the community who overwhelmed by this epidemic use of prescription drugs. Lastly to serve and network the families facing the devastation of losing a child.

Vernon Porter
As a pastor with Committed Heart Ministries Vernon is a nationally recognized PARENT ADVOCATE on the dangers of prescription drug abuse. Vernon has been a guest speaker in the Senate Hearings in Washinton DC.
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He is gifted in counseling families with children who are making at risk life style choices. He leads weekly meetings on how to break the bad habits of life and find your true identity. He is a co-founder of recovered4life

His music career includes recording and touring with world famous acts including: Kenny Loggins, Bette Midler, Michael McDonald, Dave Mason and Tim Weisberg and many more.

"Above the Clouds" Vernon’s own group received the number four record of the year.